Sweerts HRM Consulting specializes in:

  • Compensation and benefits policies, procedures and tools, both national and international,
  • Performance management, aligning company planning and acting,
  • Creating transparency in company board, organisation structure, processes and jobs and corporate governance.

Your business plan will form the basis for the process. We will translate this into HRM solutions that will best meet the needs of your business and organisation. This supports to work more effectively and efficiently and finally increases your profitability.

Sweerts HRM Consulting is part of a network of consultancy firms. In addition to our own services, we offer a comprehensive range of HR services.
All our consultants have years of experience as specialists and managers in the commercial business sector. In addition to providing consultancy services, actual implementation is a key part of our offering. If it is up to us, your employees will participate actively in the implementation process. This ensures that our advice and recommendations will remain in place in the long term.

Most of our clients are mid-size and large – mostly internationally – operating companies.
Many of our customers are rapidly expanding their business. Here, the ‘laws of mechanics’ do not always apply. It requires specific expertise to continuously translate rapid growth into long-term business success. It places demands on management and on advisory processes.

Besides collaborating with Dutch companies in practically all business sectors, we have gained a wealth of experience working with international companies in Europe and in the United States.
One of Sweerts HRM Consulting’s specific areas of expertise is working with companies in Africa, India and China. In addition to the professional and business challenges, our passion for this line of work has played an important role. With our approach, we have demonstrated our capability to contribute to the success of local businesses.